The Top 5 Truck Driving Companies

There are many trucking companies all around the world. In this article I am going to summarize the 5 biggest trucking companies in the United States. All of these companies are well known in America and some are known worldwide. I will list them from smallest to biggest.

Yellow Trucking Job Training

#5 Yellow Transportation Inc is the largest trucking company in its geographic area but the smallest in our top 5. It was originally founded as the Yellow Cab and Transit Company. Originally this company was made to serve central Oklahoma. Yellow Transportation inc is well known for its orange vehicles with contradicted the yellow which was port of their name. The reason for this was after a study was carried out Yellow Cab and Transit company found that Orange was the color that could be seen from the furthest distance away and therefore was one of the most profitable colors they could use. Yellow Cab and Transit Company takes advantage of delivery truckers which make up most of their workforce on the road. Although this company is not a trucking company like you have in mind it is still classed as a courier as it delivers people from A to B. Click Here to open Yellow Transportation Jobs

Roadway Trucking Job Training
#4 Roadway is a full service Traditional Trucking Network comprised of around 349 service centers with 32,119 Trailers and 8,426 Tractors. Roadway regularly delivers 49,000 shipments a day and employs over 23,000 people. Roadway package systems was bought out by FDX Corp in 1998. Roadway is now known as FedEx Ground. Roadway merged with Yellow since this article first came out. Click Here to open YRC Transportation Jobs which is Yellow and Roadway

Schneider National Job Training

#3 Schneider National is the largest privately owned truckload carrier in the United States. It is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Schneider National was founded in 1938 by A.J. Schneider. Schneider is well known for its successful record of securing the supply chain. Schneider employs over 12,780 drivers and independent contractors and has over 18,000 associates. This type of company takes advantage of short and long distance heavy truck drivers as well as delivery and route truckers. Click here to search Schneider National Jobs

Fedex Trucking Jobs

#2 FedEx is a shipping giant and the second biggest trucking company in our list. It was created due to a market niche with the help of a new bar code system was introduced. FedEx took advantage of the newly developed material handling and computer technology system. FedEx was created in 1973 and since then has grown immensely, now generating an annual revenue of $35 billion. FedEx employs more than 140,000 people worldwide and delivers to more than 220 countries. They have many headquarters but the worldwide one is based in Memphis, TN. FedEx mainly hires delivery truckers and route drivers. Click here for Fedex Trucking Jobs

UPS Trucking Job Training

#1 United Parcel Service or UPS is the biggest US based trucking companies. The UPS headquarter is in Sandy Springs, Georgia where it plans the delivery of more than 15 million packages a day to 6.1 million customers in over 200 countries around the world. This company wasn’t started like another big Trucking company Fedex was, UPS was created in 1907 by 2 teenagers, they decided to name it the American Messenger Company and capitalized the start up with a $100 loan. UPS is now a $49.7 billion corporation. UPS Driver and Mechanic jobs can be searched here.

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